Save up to 30% on every service for the life of your lease.

Smartleasing’s dedicated maintenance controllers evaluate work recommended by the repairer and authorise only the work that’s necessary, based on manufacturer’s requirements and service history. So you’ll only ever pay for the work you need.#

Things you need to know


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Need to Know

Pre-authorised car service

We'll make things easy by liaising with the service provider on your behalf to keep your costs down.

Smartfleet approves all services.

You won't pay more than you should

Maintenance controllers at Smartfleet are qualified mechanics. They will ensure the cost proposed by your service provider is fair.

Based on manufacturer requirements, your kilometres and service history.

No up front costs = no need to submit paper claims

Your bill is taken care of. You won't have to submit any claims and wait for reimbursement. Expenses billed directly to your Smartleasing account via Smartfleet.
Running costs budgeted by Smartleasing Don't worry about figuring out your budgets - we'll take care of that for you. Based on your vehicle type kilometre bracket.
Program runs for the term of your lease Get peace of mind. We'll keep an eye on your car services for asl long as you hold the lease.

Low annual premium applies, paid pre-tax every month

Service and maintenance

# Optional extras offered by Smartleasing are outside the Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) in the Queensland Government established Salary Packaging Novated Leasing Panel QGP0026-16. These products are optional extras which you can choose whether or not to purchase.