The smart way to manage your car budget

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13 Sep 2018 by smartleasing

Before you pick up the phone, there’s a more convenient way to manage or increase the budget for your novated lease. It’s all at your fingertips via your online account.

Why go online?

  1. Super convenient – you can log on from anywhere, 24/7 and your account is updated instantly.
  2. Easy to plan for changes in your driving. If you find yourself driving more than expected, you simply log in, adjust your budget, and the changes are applied right across your planned expenses – from fuel to servicing, even tyres.
  3. Use E-claims to submit expenses - no need for paper claims and you'll get reimbursed faster.

Here’s how!

Managing your vehicle budgets

Just follow the below steps to manage and increase your vehicles budgets directly via the website.​

1. Log into your online account using your registered email address

2. Select ‘My vehicles’ under ‘My benefits’ on the main dashboard



3. From here select ‘Manage budget’ on the vehicle expense you wish to increase.

Also, on this page, you’ll see options to view other details and products for your vehicle



4. Enter the new annual budget amount

5. Confirm the changes by clicking ‘Submit’