Why more employers choose Smartleasing


Smartleasing has become one of Australia’s leading novated lease providers to the government, health, and corporate sectors.  Here’s why:


One provider, maximum employee benefits

As well as novated leasing, choose to offer employees a full suite of salary-packaging benefits, including superannuation, laptops, and meal entertainment.

Novated leasing simplified

We tailor our admin to fit yours, from traditional invoicing to fully-integrated systems that simplify processing for your payroll team and salary-packaging employees.

Unrivalled customer service

Smartleasing’ award-winning in-house and on-site customer service teams ensure your employees are informed and satisfied with their employee benefits.

Minimise your business risk

Smartleasing is trusted to deliver novated leasing to over 30,000 employees across over 350 organisations, so you know your employees are in good hands.

Why offer your employees novated leasing?

  • plus

    Give your people a pay rise at no cost to your business

    Incentivise your workforce and retain talented staff by offering this significant tax-saving benefit at no cost to your business.

  • plus

    Enjoy the tax breaks

    All lease and running expenses are deductible, and can also claim GST input tax credits.

  • plus

    Choose a smart alternative to operating leases

    Offering car-driving employees the option of a novated lease can reduce the burden of operating leases on the business.